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Experience a complete pregnancy and birth journey with our extensive consultations for preparation, full-length birth support, postpartum care, as well as the benefits of watsu and signing bowls to enhance your experience.

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The benefits of having a doula around

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Studies have shown that having a doula present during birth can lead to reduced rates of medical interventions, shorter labor durations, and increased satisfaction with the birth experience.


decreased cesarian rate


decreased epidural requests


shorter birth


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Hi, I'm Kristina!

My name is Kristina and I’m a doula, but firstly I’m a wife to a special man & mother of 2 girls. My own births and motherhood journey has brought me to where I’m now: and I’m there for you.


Hear What Families Have to Say About Their Journey With Me

Kristina was an awesome support to me and my husband during my pregnancy and birth.  We learned so much from working with her in how to best prepare my body and mind for the life changing experience.  Even when my birth plan changed due to a needed c section, having Kristina in our corner helped provide us with the information we needed to make the best decision for me and our baby. I will never forget her and how she was such a special part of welcoming our baby boy. I would recommend her as a doula 100 times over.


My singing bowls session with Kristina was an extraordinary experience that left an indelible mark on my journey of self-discovery. Her exceptional talent, coupled with her compassionate approach, made for an unforgettable encounter with the healing power of sound. I wholeheartedly recommend Kristina's singing bowls sessions to anyone seeking deep relaxation, spiritual growth, and a profound connection with their inner selves.


Kristina was my doula during my delivery of my baby in October 2022. She was a great support during labour. She guided me with visualisations and helped me focus more on letting go and relaxing during painful contractions. The delivery was much quicker and less painful for my feeling. This was my 2nd delivery and I could see the difference. She supported me a lot during labour, like holding hands and giving confidence and support. She showed me how I could cope better with painful contractions. I can definitely recommend her as a doula. Also, the pre- and postnatal consults were very nice. It helped me to prepare for the delivery. I felt held, supported and heard. Thank you a 1000 times, Kristina and wishing you all the best and hope to stay connected. Love, Bibi


I would like to share my WATSU experience with Kristina. The session took place in a pool completely accommodated for it, the soft lights and music were just perfect to calm down and relax. We started with a chat so I would know how the session goes. Kristina is a lovely sweet woman, I felt very welcome and immediately trusted her. The WATSU session was one of the best experiences in my life, I was having a bit of a hard time dealing with stress and anxiety and this WATSU session with Kristina helped me to stop my mind for a moment. During the session, I felt safe in the water thanks to the floats and her gentle movements. I only had to allow myself to relax my body and mind and let her move me, it was amazing to feel how my body was embracing this new experience and getting rid of all the tension accumulated in my muscles. Once the session was finished, I felt like in a cloud, really amazing. I was not aware of how much I needed this session until I tried it out. It seriously was one of the best experiences in my life, I am going to repeat, that is for sure.


When I met Kristina, I immediately felt completely at ease. She radiates an undeniable gentleness and sincerity, and it's clear that she speaks from the heart. Her presence gave me an unparalleled sense of connection, and I even experienced a deep inner peace in her company. Kristina's role as a Doula is tailor-made for her, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking support during childbirth. Additionally, I attended a sound healing session that she guided beautifully. The setting was safe and exceptionally special.


I’m so glad that I’ve met Kristina, she is so sweet and calm and competent.  The first time we met I got good vibes from her and I knew immediately that she was the right doula for me.I had some complaints during the pregnancy and she helped me relax and go through the hard times. She was always there. She had lots of tips to help me relax and feeling safe and peaceful.She also gave me some good advices to prepare at best my toddler to her new little sister. She knows so many things!As soon as she came to my place while I was in labour, I felt I could do that. She took great care of me and I felt supported and loved. She was there throughout the whole labour and delivery of my daughter, holding my hand and never leaving my side. A sweet presence and lots of empowering and encouraging words.And she was a great support also after my baby was born.Again, thanks a lot Kristina for how you helped me going trough the pregnancy and delivery feeling empowered and cared, you are amazing!


Kristina is such a caring and loving space holder and guide. Her gentleness and empathy are so uplifting. She created a safe space that allowed me to open up and fully surrender to the experience.This is an excellent healing modality that would be of great benefit to anyone interested in discovering deeper parts of themselves. These parts may hold you back from truly embracing who you really are.I am looking forward to my next watsu session.Thank you Kristina


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