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Empowering Your Journey, Together: Local Support, Personalized Care

Local Support Network

Connecting You with Nearby Specialists for Personalized Care and Guidance


Jenny is here to support mamas who’re battling emotional or psychological battles in the postpartum period. So if you ever feel in ‘crossroads’ during postpartum and need someone to talk and figure things out, reach out to @purmamabyjenny . She has not only been there herself, but also is MSc in Neuropsychology and a very attentive, caring, sensitive person


Susan is a fellow caring & attentive doula in Limburg also providing massages such as: • Maternity, Belly binding massage • Massage after loss • Pregnancy massage/ Duo massage/ Welcome Mama Ritual You can reach out to Susan for a relaxing experience for both body & soul!


This energetic and empowering person is a trauma therapist, works also with birth trauma and is very much interested in prenatal psychology. Adina is so passionate about the work she does and I was just admiring her deep knowledge.


Iris supports mamas both in pregnancy and postpartum. She provides: Pregnancy/postpartum massages, Bengkung, Yoni steaming, Moxa. She also does baby massage so you can enjoy the relaxing moments and bonding together! I’m sure Iris will make anyone relax with her gentle smile!


Irene is an open and free spirit, offering her services to the ones looking for help with: Breastfeeding/lactation, baby carrying, mindfulness. She also works as postpartum doula and with her background as psychologist she is there for the variety of possible needs by new parents.


Eva does prenatal and mama yoga classes as well as hypnobirthing courses (in English, too!) for groups & couples. She is such a caring, attentive and supportive woman who listens, shares and has a deep knowledge of how to help parents in their way.


Melissa is smart & down to earth woman providing hypno-birthing private & group courses (in Dutch). Being part of the scientific world she is especially attentive to tiniest details which means you can really expect her full attention!


Bibi has been working with expat community quite a bit and is offering Hatha, Pregnancy and Postnatal yoga classes (group and in person). She focuses a lot on relaxation when teaching and I’m sure that with her calm & kind being you will experience a full recharge afterwards.

Simone & Myrthe. Versloskundig Huis Lief Leven

The midwives practice “Verloskundig Huis Lief Leven” is where every woman and her choices are respected. It is not only professional work performed with precision but also a beautiful and caring attention towards every expecting mother. I’m sure every each mom is feeling loved, seen & heard. Myrthe & Simone & Mayke, the midwives of the practice, are especially wise, warm and open personalities. See the website for the information on the services, which include maternity care and much more!


Audri is a doula and a breath couch. The way she approaches her work is subtle and deep, with a lot of attention to details. Not to mention her loving personality.


Joska is a mom of 4 & an experienced professional. There’s a unique bouquet of what she has to offer: various courses on pregnancy and all matters baby related, private consultations & more (check the website to see all options).


Let me introduce you to an incredibly gentle and lovely woman, fellow doula colleague – Pauline. She had a long standing dream of being close to mothers – and there she finally is, offering her care and love to expecting parents.


This wise, bright and vibrant woman is a WATSU basic trainer, practitioner, (water) yoga teacher. Monique was one of the first people in Netherlands who was fascinated about this water therapy and started to build the network, provide sessions herself and gather the community.


Desiree has such a grounding presence, it gives a calming & reassuring feeling being next to her. She is a fellow doula (+ postpartum), who also offers closing the bones’ ritual, placenta art & organizes pregnancy circles for expecting mothers to connect, learn and share.


Birgit is an English-speaking psychologist for the international community here in Maastricht & around ☀️ Birgit works with individuals but also with families and couples. In her work she uses cognitive-behavioral, art therapy as well as solution-based therapy methods, and mindfulness techniques.


Elena is giving Vinyasa flow, prenatal yoga classes as well as relaxing massages at her Glow Yoga studio in Maastricht. Elena truly proved to be an energetic catalyst, eager to create and share. You can really feel her strong willpower and boosting nature as well as love for what she does!


Louke works as yoga teacher (and does classes for pregnant people as well!) ☀️ She is an open minded, creative and joyful person, it was both easy and fun to connect. Louke offers various yoga lessons, including ones for teens, pregnant people & even mama – baby sessions 🤰🏻👶🏻


Femke is a very empathetic woman who works in a subtle field: creating “a place where you are welcome. With your insecurity, fear of intimacy, shame, stress. Your sexuality questions, impotence, postpartum challenges, numbness, lack of pleasure. And your sexological concerns, loss of libido, overweight and trauma.” ⚖️ “In individual sessions I offer you a profound, embodied experience where you will be invited to release, return to your essence and evolve.” – says Femke. Her job involves both bodywork and breathwork which I trust can make a great difference in one’s journey towards progress.

Your journey matters to me

You can find me in Maastricht, Limburg NL&BE

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