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Discover the Power of the Body Ready Method®

The Body Ready Method® method is a holistic approach to preparing your body for pregnancy, labor, and postnatal recovery.

Work smarter not harder!

Prepare for the Body Ready Method®  Experience

Body Ready Method® is based on 5 pillars: Upper Body Mobility, Core, Pelvis, Pelvic floor and Movement Patterns. Incorporating these pillars into your movement during pregnancy can help:

Have a more efficient birth

Minimize pregnancy aches and pains

Minimize unnecessary abdominal separation and pelvic floor dysfunction

Optimize pelvic floor responsiveness

For whom  BRM® could be essentially great?

BRM® is suitable for everyone, but it's especially beneficial for:

  • Looking for a VBAC

  • Those who have breech babies

  • Have a connective tissue disorder or are hypermobile

  • Have had previous long or difficult births

  • Have core & pelvic floor issues & are figuring out how to manage that

"I meet you at your current level, offering guidance on reducing factors that may cause discomfort. I teach tools, movements, lifestyle choices, breathing techniques, and alignment practices that can promote healing and optimize your well-being.It's important to note that I don't promise to "fix" anyone or guarantee specific results. I also avoid making predictions or assumptions about a person's future based on their body. Instead, I support your choices and provide non-judgmental, well-informed information to help you make decisions that may alleviate or exacerbate your symptoms."

Kristina Juvko

Body Ready Method® Pro

As a certified BRM® Pro I:

Know my client’s body and understand what to do when to encourage progress in birth

Use targeted tools to facilitate immediate physical results during birth

Am tailoring my approach to each unique client in front of them

Really understand the science behind preparing for and supporting a more efficientphysiological birth

In a BRM® one-on-one session, we work together to:

Understand your movement and compensation patterns.

Identify areas that require more attention to remain active and minimize common pregnancy discomfort.

Prepare for a smoother birth experience.


Pricing Options

Choose the plan that suits your needs and budget

BRM®  Assessment
65 EUR
Duration: 1 hour
Includes: Assessment of current body alignment and movement patterns
Guide & tips provided after assessment on movement, lifestyle choices, breathing mechanics, and alignment that can promote optimal body state
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1:1 Session
65 EUR
Duration: 1 hour
Available after the initial assessment
Includes: Tailored exercises and alignment reassessment
Session bundles available with a reduced price
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Birth prep workshop
170 EUR
Duration: 3 hours
Includes: Full assessment (see #1) and up to 5 tailored exercises
Tailored birth class based on your questions
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End of pregnancy session
120 EUR
Includes: BRM®  assessment and release & flow tools
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