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My name is Kristina and I’m a Doula but firstly I’m a wife to a special man & mother of 2 girls (born 2017 & 2019). My own births and motherhood journey has brought me to where I’m now: and I’m there for you. As a birth doula, childbirth preparation helper, WATSU (water therapy) & sound therapy practitioner.

I'm here to create your safe birth Oase

I’ve been feeling like changing my corporate career path drastically just after giving birth to our first daughter Sara. The seed has been planted during my very first WATSU session, actually. There were no more doubts when our second daughter Bona was born – her birth was truly a transforming and empowering event. After that I feel a big urge to share this and empower other women to feel trusted, strong and supported in their birth journey.

Following my heart’s lead was such a right decision: I have never felt so grounded, happy and inspired at the same time. It’s such a reward: being a trusted guide and ally during this special time in people’s lives. As evidence & intuition driven partner I’m helping to create your even safer birth OASE. And I really know how important that can be, either at home, or especially if you are not in a familiar place (hospital) or even, to begin with, abroad and far away from your beloved ones. I’m an expat for a 3rd time – you wouldn’t guess how much I understand the importance of support.

Your journey matters to me

You can find me in Maastricht, Limburg NL&BE

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Cherished Choices

Things that I personally love and recommend

In my time guiding the incredible journey to parenthood, I've encountered some truly remarkable resources. Here are a few of them—each chosen for its ability to support, comfort, and empower you through this transformative time.

The body ready method - BRM®

Discover a path to a more comfortable pregnancy and a smoother birth with the Body Ready Method. This program is my heartfelt recommendation, backed by extensive research and my personal experience of over three years postpartum.

Enhanced Pelvic Floor and Core training

Strategies for optimal baby positioning

Relief for common prenatal and postnatal discomforts

Core preparation to help protect from diastasis recti

P.S. I have an extra 10$ discount for my community. Feel free to reach out for the code!

Online Program

Birth time: the documentary

Discover 'The Birth Reckoning,' a documentary sparked by personal birth experiences. Its creators embarked on a quest to understand the rise in traumatic birth experiences. This mission echoes my own: to empower women for a positive birth journey. The film explores critical questions about the quality of birth services, the impact of protocol-driven care versus mother-centric care, and defines true safety and respect during labor. Join the conversation and watch with a 20% discount by using the code CICADA20 at checkout.

Constantly learning

My Qualifications

Since 2015 on | Continuous weekly psychology study group

2021 | PARAMANA DOULA COURSE by Michel Odent & Liliana Lammers

2021 | BiA Doula Foundation Training

2022 | BiA Doula Advanced Training

2022 | WATSU Basic Training

2022 | Principles of Holding Space for Trauma. Joyce Hoek-Pula & Ilena J Standring

2022 | Mysteries of human birth, life and death. 27th International Eastern European Anthroposophical conference

2023 | Sound therapy: The Art of Singing Bowls Massage

2023 | Michel Odent & Liliana Lammers: in person intensive doula course

2023 | WATSU I

This is me with Michel Odent, a true legend in the field of childbirth. Having devoted his career to advancing the understanding of birthing processes, Michael's influence has been profound. His emphasis on creating supportive, low-intervention environments during labor has shaped the way many view childbirth, making him a respected figure among those advocating for holistic and woman-centered birthing experiences. One cannot deny the profound and fundamental feeling he shares with all of his essence – TRUST. Trust in humanity, birthing mother, birth.
P. S. Michel and my firstborn are sharing the same birthday. I’m not saying this says anything but it’s talkative to me in my own way and connects two big personal milestones.

Your journey matters to me

You can find me in Maastricht, Limburg NL&BE

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