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The Ancient Art of Singing Bowls

Embark on a timeless journey with Singing Bowls, instruments of deep heritage and sacred resonance. Originating from Asia over three millennia ago, these bowls—crafted from a symphony of metals—have served as vessels of meditation and spiritual awakening. From the mystical highlands of Tibet to the serene temples of India and Nepal, their rich, profound tones invite a harmonious blend of relaxation and introspection, resonating through time and tradition.

Relax and Rebalance

Discover the Benefits

Singing bowl therapy offers stress reduction and chakra balancing.

Mood Enhancement and Anxiety Relief

Discover the calming influence of Singing Bowls, which a 2014 study showed to significantly soothe tension and enrich overall mood, guiding you to a more peaceful mental state.

Alleviation of Physical Discomfort

Let the resonant vibrations of Singing Bowls provide natural relief from chronic pain and migraines, as they foster restorative sleep and physical healing.

Energy Flow and Balance

Engage with the therapeutic sounds of Singing Bowls that work to release energy blockages, enhancing your health and happiness as echoed in Eastern healing traditions.

How does the session look like?

Imagine: you are laying cozy, comfortably and warm in a safe space with your eyes closed. During the singing bowls sound session, therapeutic bowls are placed on your body & around, and you are gently surrounded in a delicate cocoon of sound: deeply relaxing and healing. Your brain enters the state between sleeping and being awake. Your system automatically finds a better balance. Vibration spreads throughout the body and leads to deep relaxation, increases our self-healing abilities, dissolves blocks, strengthens the body’s immunity.

This is time for yourself: to explore, to connect & dive to your inner depths: to those that you are ready for today. It’s a place to remember: YOU are the source of everything

Bespoke Group Sound Sessions

Book a personalized group sound session for your special event: be it a bachelorette, team building, birthday, or any celebration. Experience a tailored sound bath ritual for an unforgettable day.

I went to Kristina's soundbath with my closest people on my hen party. We didn't know what we were in for and thought we were "just" going to listen to some singing bowls. When we arrived, it turned out that Kristina does much more than that. She created a space for us where we could talk about our wishes and fears, a space where we could share. A space without judgment, where we could be who we are. It was such a beautiful experience that we will never forget. Kristina brought us even closer together and the sounds were simply beautiful. Dear Kristina, thank you for this great and unforgettable experience. We would recommend your soundbath to anyone in a heartbeat



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