Tips for pregnancy & birth


March 12, 2024

Big news: you’re pregnant! 🤰🏼You share the news & there comes a time when your family and friends want to congratulate and celebrate together. And sometimes the focus is only on the arrival of the baby. However, there is one important thing to remember: a mother is born together with the baby 💫Baby shower or postpartum visit gift ideas to share with your loved ones? No problem, let’s go:🍜What about no visit and a warm home-made meal delivery to door instead?⛄️OR Stock up the freezer with ready home-made meals💆🏽♀️Pregnancy/ postpartum massage*A gift coupon for (birth/ postpartum) doula services*Cleaning help👶🏼Family photo-shoot🌊Watsu session🧘🏿♂️Yoga classes (pregnancy or mama & baby)🏊🏼♂️Swimming pool subscription🐒Baby wearing consultation🤱Lactation consultation🍃Massage oil (or essential oils)😴An hour of sleep (a walk with the stroller while the mom takes rest)️Yoni steaming*‘Closing the bones’/ Rebozo closing ritual🙏🏻Bengkung🚼Baby massage courses📝Nutrition (recipe) plan for postpartum👘Maternity dress (suitable for breastfeeding)🎧Online coursesWhich one of these would you like to receive yourself?☯