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A watsu story

March 12, 2024
A watsu story

A friend of mine gave birth to her second daughter in December. Being already a toddler’s mom is not always about a relaxing time so we, together with other girlfriends, decided towards the end of her pregnancy to gift her a WATSU session. She enjoyed the session a lot, but the blooming part came during labor.

How WATSU helped you during labor?
– I remembered that feeling in the water, which I had preserved well in my body & head, and tried to imagine I’m in the pool again. That floating, total relaxation… I was super relaxed during the session so during birth I brought myself back there to this sensation of calmness. I imagined myself laying in the warm water and stayed in that feeling. When water gently floods you, when you surrender, relax… this visualisation of the WATSU session allowed me to stay focused and relaxed during birth.

What sensations best describe WATSU for you?
– Deep relaxation, tranquility. My system just shut off, some kind of trance.

To whom would you recommend WATSU?
– To anyone who is not afraid of water.

Thank you for sharing your story!