Tips for pregnancy & birth


March 12, 2024

So I talked about Oxytocin recently and thought it would be a good idea to see what else makes the oxytocin evolve and flow during labor. Above all the mentioned before, Atmosphere in the birthing place could make a big difference to a laboring person. Dimmed lights, silent music, some important items from home if it’s a hospital (such as photos, picture, candle), relaxing or joyful aromas, anything that makes you feel good. Warm, safe, private, quiet and dark – this is what makes a birth place best to comfort you and have that love hormone flood the room ❤️Setting up your birth place intentionally really makes a difference. A study from 2009 is showing that melatonin synthesizes with oxytocin to create contractions in smooth muscle cells like the ones in the uterus. What it means for labor? It means that feeling safe and relaxed (oxytocin) in a cozy, dark place (melatonin) can help labor evolve and progress. Check it out yourself: