Is it safer to give birth at?

Is it safer to give birth at?

So where?

First of all, where you feel safe. Where your oxytocin can flow and you can be relaxed as much as possible. Second, it depends on your own health situation. Lastly, I believe there has to be a choice for every woman!

Luckily, Netherlands is a place where women can choose where they want to give birth! I strongly encourage you to read this research which provides meta-analysis & systematic review from 16 studies (1990 – 2018) when considering your options! Shortly: it is SAFE TO GIVE BIRTH AT HOME!🏡

“After accounting for parity, women who planned to give birth at home were less likely to experience obstetrical interventions, including caesarean section, operative vaginal birth, epidural analgesia, episiotomy, and oxytocin augmentation. They were also less likely to suffer 3rd or 4th degree perineal tear, maternal infection or postpartum haemorrhage.

This held true among the subgroup of women giving birth for the first time, with the exception of 3rd or 4th degree tears, where no difference was found between groups. While it is possible that, compared to those planning to birth in hospital, women in our study who planned to birth at home may hold different values around birth outcomes, findings of this study suggest those planning home birth are less likely to experience interventions and untoward birth outcomes.”

Angela Reitsma, Julia Simioni, Ginny Brunton, Karyn Kaufman, Eileen K Hutton
“Maternal outcomes and birth interventions among women who begin labour intending to give birth at home compared to women of low obstetrical risk who intend to give birth in hospital: A systematic review and meta-analyses”