Watsu during pregnancy

Watsu during pregnancy

Well, to be honest, I believe that pregnant people are the one who can experience the most benefits of WATSU! One of the unique things is that WATSU gives an opportunity to feel like a baby in a womb yourself while you are actually also carrying a tiny little baby in your belly! What a special dance of holding and being held it is…

And this is of course not the only benefit:
“WATSU was found to significantly lower participants’ levels of stress and pain and to improve their mental health-related quality of life and mood. In comparison to the passive control group, participants in the intervention group reported reduction in perceived stress from day 1 to day 8 (, Cohen’s ). Qualitative data indicate that WATSU was appreciated as enjoyable and deeply relaxing. No negative side effects were reported.”

Before practising I tried the sessions myself. The positive influence was so obvious. And it was one of the main reasons why I started to learn WATSU myself