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March 12, 2024

You might think how race cars and birth are related? Well, adrenaline is the answer!

Adrenaline hormone plays a key role at the very end of the labor, when the pushing phase starts. It helps to bring you back ‘on earth’ from the labor la-la-land and makes you focused to reach the finish line. Just like in the race – you stay focused, drive fast, and the adrenaline does it’s job to make you very much alive and in active motion 🏁

At this moment we don’t talk about the other nasty moments when adrenaline can activate the ‘fight or flight’ mode. We leave it for another time! Now we focus on the good part because it is often forgotten that adrenaline has a very positive and very important role during labor!

How exactly it is so important?

It gives you the extra kick and sense of a ‘second wind’. It gives you the power and strength to push your baby out! Again, like in the race, adrenaline is there and motivates for the ‘prize’!