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Decisions: so rarely a one way street

March 12, 2024
Decisions: so rarely a one way street

Many decisions have to be made during the period of pregnancy and birth. Starting from little ones, like “Shall I keep doing sports” to some bigger “My provider is saying I need an induction”

To navigate through them all is sometimes demanding and exhausting. How do I know what to choose? Where can I find evidence based information?

Here’s why having someone to support is a good idea. Whether it’s a caring provider, doula or anyone from the ‘birth world’.

Nevertheless, even with the most tricky questions or doubts, it is YOU who decides and makes the best decision. Because it is your body and you know best. No one else.

So whenever you feel pressured, close your eyes for a sec and let the gut feeling emerge. And if you need some evidence based information to make a decision, I’m always here to help